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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does This Service Do Exactly?

LETGETMOREFOLLOWERS.INFO provides a very simple service that allows you to easily build up a large following on for your Twitter account. Basically, when you log in you will see a list of people that you need to follow. Once you have followed them, you are added to the "Train" for a period of time and have the opportunity to have other people follow you in return. You are guaranteed at least 20 new followers every time you use our FREE service.

We also offer premium Platinum Service that allows you to get even more followers without having to follow other users (anywhere from 300-1000+ followers per day!)

Why Is Being A Platinum Member So Much Better?

Simply put, you get to ride the Twitter Train all day, week, month or year depending on your purchase option. You don't have to follow anyone else but new members do have to follow you.

This way you explode your follow count and we do all the work for you. People love this service because it's quick, simple and efficient. Platinum members get the most exposure.

With all the new followers you get from being a Platinum member you have more opportunity to promote your goods or services, get more traffic for your websites, generate leads or become a virtual Twitter celebrity and gain the respect and admiration of your twitter followers.

What Makes Your Service Better Than The Others?

We have made our service as simple to use as possible and as secure as possible. We take great pride in our products and services as I am sure you can tell from our website. We offer a quality service to our customers and we want to help you grow in the Twitterverse as easily as possible. Not only that, we offer a wide range of options to help you gain even more followers than any other service and we are always driving more twitter followers to this service to help you get more followers faster!

Why Do You Send Out Promotional Tweets?

When you are a member, we may send out occasional promotional tweets. The reason for this is to help you gain even more followers. We try to keep these as "Personal" as possible, unlike other sites. This way it looks like a recommendation from you rather that a Spam tweet that we find obnoxious as I am sure you do. We will only send these messages out about every 4 hours or when you login.

Why Do You Store Twitter Account Information?

In order for people to follow you and for our system to function we need to store certain information about your Twitter account. However, we take your privacy very seriously and unlike many other competitiors, we encrypt all your information and you will notice that we use full 256bit SSL protection on our site to make sure all your data is protected. We will never disclose, trade or divulge this information and we take every effort to make sure your privacy is protected.

How Many Followers Can I Expect In a Day?

That depends on whether you are a Regular member or a Platinum member. Regular members must follow all the Platinum members and 20 regular members to become part of the Twitter Train and are guaranteed to get at least 100-300 new followers per "Train Ride". That being said, you can ride the twitter train again and again, though we recommend waiting at least 2 hours between rides for the best effect.

For Platinum members you can receive anywhere from 300-1000+ new followers per day as you have premium access all day and all regular members must follow you before they can ride the twitter train. So the more busy our site is in a day, the more exposure you will get.


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